About Us

Cedar Worx is proud to provide customers with Cedar Patio Furniture that integrates elegance and style, as well as consistency in quality. Along with our live edge tables, each piece of furniture is skillfully crafted with special techniques and is 100% Canadian made.

Wood has long been the traditional material of choice for patio furniture and we use only western red cedar to produce beautiful and lasting products. It's not hard to see why this seemingly unlimited resource has been a popular choice among many consumers.

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Our unique blend "locks out water.” Therefore, this system is the perfect solution for any and all exterior wood finishing project(s) that sit in harmful elements like moisture, direct ultraviolet rays, salt and fresh water and harsh weather.

There are myriads of colored stains, paints, and protective coatings readily available to meet your personal style and decor, but nothing comes close to the finishes we provide. Exterior finishing is and has been the most difficult task faced by any company who makes exterior patio products.

Cedar Worx  delivers wood products to its customers with the standards you have come to expect when purchasing wood exterior products.

About Our Environment

Cedar Worx Inc. endeavours to keep our environment safe therefore all our materials are purchased from CERTIFIED MEMBERS of the Forestry Stewardsship Council (FSC) which is the mark of responsible forestry. The benefits and purpose of this organization is to:

Protects Forests & Wildlife

FSC is the only forest certification system that protects rare and endangered forests and wildlife. All forests that are undergoing FSC certification must be assessed to determine if they contain any areas of high conservation value, and if these do exist they must take action to protect and enhance these values.

Protects Aboriginal Peoples' Rights

FSC is the only forest certification system that requires consultation with local Aboriginal Peoples with the intention of protecting their rights, on both public and private lands. FSC forest management requirements include an entire section dedicated to the rights of Aboriginal peoples (Principle 3), and are widely recognized as most extensively and specifically addressing the needs of Aboriginal Peoples.

Protects Community & Workers Rights

With respect to the rights of communities and workers, the FSC standard not only requires forest managers to consult with these social groups, but to provide fair compensation; protect their health, safety and livelihoods; and allow them to organize under international labor conventions. FSC’s standards go far above and beyond worker training and insurance.

Tranparency, Accountability & Independent

The FSC has the largest, most diverse, most independent membership of any forest certification system in the world. The FSC is directly accountable to all of its members, who each have an equal vote and therefore a voice in standards development and governance. Not only are stakeholders invited to provide input and comment on FSC standards and policies when they are being developed, but their input is actively solicited through the forest management certification process itself. For each FSC Forest Management certificate that is granted, a public summary prepared by the independent Certification Body is posted publicly online.

Worldwide Creditbility

FSC is the only forest certification system supported by major international, national and local Aboriginal, Environmental, and Social groups.  FSC is the only forest certification system supported by credible environmental and social organizations including Greenpeace, World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Canada Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS), and The Sierra Club of Canada. All of these organizations and many more, recognize FSC certification as the only legitimate, and the most rigorous, forest certification system in the world.

Market Acceptance

The North American and global marketplace recognize FSC as the most credible and effective forest certification system in the world. FSC is the only forest certification system to be exclusively preferred by government agencies, corporations, and others around the world. Leading organizations are not only purchasing FSC-certified products, but they are also putting in place formal procurement policies requiring that suppliers provide FSC-certified.


In Canada, all of the major banks print on FSC-certified paper, and CIBC, Scotiabank and RBC all have procurement policies requiring FSC certification. 

Governments are also recognizing the positive impact they can have on our forests and both the Province of Ontario and the Alberta Ministry of Environment require FSC-certified paper be used.

The book and magazine publishing sector has also recognized the impact they can have on our forests through their purchasing decisions, with authors like Harry Potter`s J.K. Rowling, as well as major publishers such as Penguin, Random House, and Scholastic requiring FSC-certified papers for their publications.

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